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Late appointments can be arranged with the individual dentist.

Welcome to us

Dentist Anne Live Omholt started the dental clinic Tannklinikk Omholt on the premises of Randabergveien in the fall of 2011. Two years later in 2013, dentist Karianne R. Øyri started as an assistant dentist.

In 2014, there were two dentists at the clinic. Dentist Elsa Marie Lie started up, and Tannklinikk Omholt became Tannklinikk Omholt & Lie.

In 2018, dentist Øyri also joined the operation. We now work as three independent dentists but in collaboration. The general manager is the dentist Anne Live Omholt. Now our name is Tannklinikk Omholt, Lie & Øyri.

We are your dentist in Stavanger. Contact us for an appointment!

New patients


Fear of dentists?

If you are anxious about visiting the dentist we make sure to set extra time for you. The first visit starts with a conversation, examination and x-rays.


You are welcome to book an appointment with us. We will accept you if you need urgent help or if you just want a routine check. We are your dentist in Stavanger.

First consultation

At the first consultation we investigate teeth, jaws, take x-rays and perform cleansing of the teeth. If you need more dental treatment, a new appointment is agreed.

Health information

At the first consultation, you must complete a health information form. It is important for us to get accurate information about your health status and the medicines you may use. Certain diseases may provide for the benefit of the treatment of dental care.

Cost & payment

If you need comprehensive dental treatment, we will provide you with a treatment plan and a cost estimate. If there are several alternative solutions for dental treatment, we will inform you about this.

With us, you can pay by card or cash.

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Cancellation/change of time

Please call 51 56 59 00 for change or cancellation of the appointment. We do not want appointment change on mail.

If you need to cancel an appointment, this must be done 24 hours before. If you do not meet at the agreed appointment, this will be charged with 80% of the hourly rate.

Dental services in Stavanger

Dental check up, consultation & examination
Tooth fillings & protests
Cosmetic Dentistry
Tooth whitening

The Dentists

Our dentists have high competence and long experience. We can offer a wide range of dental health services and modern equipment.

Anne Live Omholt

Manager & Dentist

MNTF. Cand. odont, Oslo 1986. Additional Education: Implantology, surgical and prosthetic Certified laser treatment

Elsa Marie Lie


MNTF. Cand. odont. Bergen 1987. Additional Education: Certified laser treatment

Karianne R. Øyri


MNTF. Cand. odont. Pomerianian Medical University 2012

You will find us here!

Entrance at the second level at Vitus Apotek and Byhaugen Medical Center, Kiwi is located on the lower floor.

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You are welcome to book an appointment with us. We can help you if you need urgent help or if you just want routine check-ups.

Tel: 51 56 59 00

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